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Work Package 1 - Life Cycle Assessment

The main goal of WP1 is the LCA-based environmental performance evaluation of vehicles and energy supply chains (electricity and fuels). The focus will be set on technologies and materials related to E-mobility vehicles, with competing vehicle technologies included for comparison. The analysis will also address future advances in vehicle technology and energy supply infrastructure up to 2030, with results that can be extrapo-lated for use in other packages up to the year 2050.

A key point of this study is the disaggregation of the results on the basis of material content, components or processes, so that the LCA burdens per vehicle can be calculated for a large combination of different drivetrain and vehicle options (class, size, lightweighting, etc.), creating a virtual fleet of realistic vehicles. Hence, the analysis will address eBikes as well as eScooters, small, medium and large passenger cars up to small trucks and consider different drivetrains options and energy carriers (pure electric, hybrid, plug-in-hybrid, fuel cells and internal combustion engines (ICE) fuelled by fossil and biofuels).

These objectives will be addressed through following sub-goals:

  • To model the environmental inventories associated with production, use and end-of-life (EOL) of electric vehicles from a life cycle perspective. This will be done for different years (today, 2015, and 2030), different market penetrations in the future scenarios and different vehicle types (eBike, eScooter, small car, medium car, van, lorry).
  • To assess the environmental life cycle impacts (climate change, energy demand, air pollution, noise effects, resource depletion) per km of transport.
  • To compare the LCA results of electric cars equipped with batteries or H2 operated fuel cells with conventional reference technologies (ICE cars fuelled with fossil fuels) and other new mobility technologies (ICE cars fuelled with biofuels, hybrid cars).

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