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Work Package 2 - Vehicle Simulation and Powertrain Assessment

The main objective of Work Package 2 is the calculation of energy “consumption” data of various vehicles, using different powertrain technologies under a wide range of operation conditions. In particular the behavior of conventional, hybrid electric (including plug-in hybrids and range extenders), fuel cell and battery electric vehicles belonging to separate vehicle classes like S.U.V.’s, sedans, etc. are simulated for assorted driving cycles, representative of real-world driving conditions (i.e. different road-types (motorway, rural, inner-city) and traffic conditions).

This permits presenting the technical trade-offs of powertrain electrification in an unbiased manner to allow stakeholders to evaluate the merits of new vehicle propulsion technologies with respect to:

  • Performance (acceleration, drivability, handling)
  • Environmental factors (greenhouse gas emissions, criteria tailpipe emissions)
  • Utility (Range, life-time durability)
  • Cost (operation, maintenance)
  • Safety (occupant, pedestrian)

Besides the direct analysis of the technology criteria, the technology descriptions will also serve as inputs to WP1, WP4 and WP5.

The WP is a cooperation between ETHZ-LAV and PSI-LEA, combining their respective competences: LAV has extensive experience in vehicle simulation, energy management strategies and the dynamics of internal combustion engines; PSI-LEA is specialized on heuristic vehicle modeling, hybrid electric and fuel cell vehicles.

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