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Work Package 3 - Power System Modeling

The Power Systems Laboratory focuses on the power systems analysis, specifically on the impact assessment of electric mobility on distribution and transmission grids as well as the investigation of Vehicle to Grid (V2G) schemes. Moreover a lifetime assessment of network assets and vehicles’ batteries will be performed, providing an input for the life cycle analysis within the THELMA project.

This work package is subdivided into six tasks:

Task 1 Impact on Distribution Grids: Analyzing the impact of widespread e-mobility on planning and operation of distribution grids and their used assets. The results will provide a deeper understanding of e-mobility impacts on chosen distribution grids.

Task 2 Impact on Transmission Grids: Investigating the impact of e-mobility on planning and operation of transmission grids and their used assets. These results would give a better knowledge of impacts on the transmission grid and the generation mix in Switzerland.

Task 3 Lifetime assessment without Vehicle to Grid: Wherever e-mobility increases load substantially network asset lifetime will be reduced. Models for the dependence of asset lifetime on its loading degree will be constructed and validated. Results from lifetime assessments will then be used to study asset exchange patterns and frequency.

Task 4 Investigation of V2G schemes: This incorporates the developing of control schemes of PHEV / EV for V2G utilization, which will take into account the system state and also individual behavior like departure and travel times. PHEV/EV’s role in the expansion of renewable energy will also be considered.

Task 5 Lifetime assessment with V2G: V2G services have impacts both on network assets and battery wear. It will be analyzed how increased cycling of EV batteries due to V2G reduces their lifetime and whether network asset lifetime is increased or decreased.

Task 6 Restoration: This task will explore whether the batteries of the plug-in-hybrids could also be used during restoration of the electric grid, or parts of the electric grid, after a black out of the system.

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